This summer, BEST Brasov returns with an amazing course on machine learning.

The course provides an introduction to this field along with company visits, projects and other interesting activities.
But wait, there’s more. Besides courses and learning, you will be having a crazy time together with 23 other people from all over Europe, while discovering the most touristic city of Romania: Brasov.

Learn awesome things and have fun at the same time!




During the courses you will learn the basics of machine learning, some algorithms that use machine learning and internet of things.


You will visit a software company that is specialised in developing machine learning algorithms.


Our social activity responsible has everything covered so have no worries. You will get to know the other participants, enjoy crazy moments with them everyday. There will also be a weekend trip for you to see the beautiful surroundings of our lovely city, Brasov.

What do you need for this course?

Passion, desire and to read very well the two docs down below


In this document you will find everything you need to know about this trip to our country.


Here is all about your program.

Who are we?

BEST Brasov aims to represent the interests of students from Transilvania University of Brasov by facilitating communication between university, students and companies. The members of BEST Brasov work for solving students’ problems in a creative way and perceive volunteering both as a mean of active participation, not only in the academic environment, but also in society, and non-formal education.

Every year, we want more from our students, we want to make them reach their full potential and learn useful information through our events. BEST members create events in collaboration with professional companies and aim to develop students from Transilvania University of Brasov both personally and professionally.

We do our BEST to meet the needs of students, of the university and of our partners, through useful and challenging programs.


If you have any questions about this course, fell free to ask for help one of our team members.

Lorena Popa

Lorena Popa

Main Organiser

+40 749 588 484

Adrian Tuchel

Adrian Tuchel

Participants Responsible

+40 734 716 535

Annual Partners

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